Russia’s attack towards Ukraine has brought us pain and misfortune, but it has not make us despair. On the contrary, it consolidated all Ukrainians: everyone began to do everything possible to strengthen the country’s defense capability and support the affected population.

Recently, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy has noted: “The Armed Forces of Ukraine are brilliantly fulfilling their tasks. But every citizen must work for victory.”

We live in a time when Ukrainian society is uniting and organizing itself for the sake of a common goal, freedom, democracy, human rights not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe. Charitable foundations, organizations, volunteers are uniting to help people in need in the war zone and in those regions where they had to flee from the war.

Volunteers who united to help Ukrainians include public figures: Andriy Buzarov, Inna Bilchuk, Oleksandr Lyubimov, businesspersons Essentai Baisakov and Maxim Zhuk, lawyers Ivan Slyusarev and lawyer Kirill Barashkov. In addition, the Charitable Foundation “Children Victims of War” under the leadership of Svetlana Semenova and the Public Organization “Eurovector” headed by Alexei Abaev have united in order to organize assistance effectively and quickly.

In a short period, the team managed to create effective work in the communication of public activists to support Ukrainians. Together, a united group of volunteers organized the collection and delivery of humanitarian aid to people in the city of Borodianka (Kyiv region), the city of Boyarka (Kyiv region), which were most affected by hostilities, as well as for refugees from Mariupol in the city of Zaporozhye, the city of Lviv and Berezovsky district (Odessa region).

The main task that we set up ourselves is to expand cooperation with foreign partners. Among our reliable and trusted partners are the Lithuanian Charitable Foundation “Sunny Sand” by Maria Dubitskene, as well as other individuals, friends, philanthropists from Europe and United States, who are ready to provide everything possible to support Ukraine.

At present, our team has a large reserve of strength to develop assistance to Ukrainians to an even larger scale. We are ready to expand our cooperation; therefore, we invite all international organizations, government bodies, and indifferent people to fruitful cooperation.

Article author: Andrey Buzarov, volunteer, member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, international observer.